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During this program, your team will compete with other employer groups and teams in Asheboro to see who can take the most steps and earn bragging rights. Steps will be tracked over a three month period.

Individuals can use pedometers to track steps, but a pedometer is not necessary to participate.

If walking is not your activity of choice, no need to worry. The program includes all types of physical activity and our Activity Conversion Tool will calculate your favorite activity into steps automatically after you have logged in.

After registering and logging in, go to the Enter Activity tab to select if you want to use the activity calculator to enter your physical activity or your pedometer steps. Simply enter the date, activity and then click submit.

Be sure to check out the Results tab to view real-time activity results by competing teams.

Let's get moving toward a healthier You!

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Team Standings

TeamAverage Steps
The Zoo School3005
The Tooth Fairies9623
The Armadillos11595
A3 Walkers5700
Get It Done14650

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